Meet Keanon!

First name: Keanon
Middle name: Damian
Nationality: Dutch / South African
Age: 19 years old.
Height: 190 cm
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

Your best feature ( e.g. your eyes): My hair & freckles.
Best job so far: Polimoda’s “SuperNature” runway show
Runway or photoshoot: Runway
Favorite male model: Nyle DiMarco
Favorite female model: Naomi Campbell
Why modeling: because I’ve always loved fashion and the world around it. You get the chance to see many parts of the world and you meet So many people with different cultures.













Art and Lifestyle

Movies or books: Books!
Pop or alternative: Alternative.
Hiphop or Metal: Hiphop
Museum or cinema: Museums.
Sneakers or boots: Sneakers.
Favorite designer: Gianni Versace.
Black or white: Black.