MEET Caitlin;
First name: Caitlin
Middle name: Gina
Nationality: Dutch
Age: 20
Height: 178 cm
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown


Your best feature ( e.g. your eyes): My hair because I can do a lot with my hair.My natural hair is curly but I actually use the straightener alot because I love straight hair as well, oops…
Best job so far:I absolutely loved working for Adidas. The outcome was great and the people on set were really kind. A few weeks ago I went to Lithuania for a commercial, which was also a really great experience.
Runway or photoshoot: I’ve done a lot of photoshoots but haven’t walked a lot of shows yet. Therefore I would go with photoshoots but I would love to walk some cool shows in the future.
Favorite male model: Lucky Blue Smith
Favorite female model: Stormi Bree. Based on her instagram I consider her as a beautiful woman, both in- and outside.
Why modeling: Meeting new people, new places, travelling… But most of all because of the cool projects.

Art and Lifestyle

Movies or books: both!
Pop or alternative: I actually love a lot of different styles. I like pop, but I also appreciate a reggae song for example.
Hiphop or Metal: Hiphop
Museum or cinema: both!
Sneakers or boots: I don’t wear sneakers a lot but I do love them. I do wear boots so I would say boots.
Favorite fashion style: It’s so hard to say which style I love the most. I don’t have a personal style because I wear a lot of different styles. I mostly wear turtlenecks but how would you describe that…?
Favorite designer: –
Black or white: I adore both. But I can be a very clumsy person so it’s a better option for me to go with an all black outfit haha 😉