First name: Jabari
Middle name: Kadeem
Nationality: Trinidadian
Age: 28
Height: 185 cm
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown


Your best feature (e.g. your eyes): My best feature is my eyes because it’s my favorite tool for expression because you can convey and play around with so many different expressions and emotions. Best job so far: my best job so far has to be my editorial for Tommy Hilfiger in JFK Men magazine because it was like a dream come true. Runway or photoshoot:  Both because they give you a different kind of joy. I love photo shoots because there is so much you can do while shooting, I believe it’s a way a expressing yourself as art. I also love runway because the clothes, the lights and walking down the runway knowing that all eyes are on you gives you an adreline rush that fills you joy and fulfillment.

Favorite male model: my favorite male model is Alton Mason,
Because he is amazing at what he does and he is definitely one of my biggest inspirations.

Favorite female model: My favorite female model is Ajak Deng because she is an exotic beauty and she is amazing at doing photo shoots. Her images are very captivating.

Why modelling: because I see it as a creative form of expression and I feel at home anytime I’m in front of a camera or walking down a runway.



Art and Lifestyle
Movies or books: Definitely The Harry Potter series because I’m secretly a nerd haha

Pop or alternative: definitely alternative because I find alternative music sounds like a form of poetry which I love.

Hip-hop or Metal:  Hip hop! I love dancing

Museum or cinema: Cinema because I love movies they take your mind to another world!

Sneakers or boots: I love boots because they go with everything and I feel like they really complete a look.

Favorite fashion style: simple but classy! I’m not a very flashy person I’m a bit more conservative.

Favorite designer: BALMAIN!!!! Which is also my dream brand to work for! J

Black or white:  Definitely Black! You should see my wardrobe and my house haha




Photography: Paul Bakker | Styling:NgaHo |Muah: Dennis Michael