First name: Julia
Middle name: Nienke Elisabeth
Nationality: From the Netherlands
Age: 17
Height: 170 cm
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green/Blue
Your best feature: My lips or my eyes
Best job so far: Working for mostwanted was a really fun experience and I’ve met alot of nice people!
Runway or photoshoot: I would say photoshoot since I have more experience with that and I can express myself through photos, but I also love the runway because you get to show of the amazing pieces of clothing some designers have made.
Favorite male model: Lucky blue smith, because he’s created a huge carreer for himself at such a young age.
Favorite female model: I can’t choose! I really like Kaia gerber because even though her mom was already a famous model she proved that she belonged in this industry. I also like Romee strijd, she’s got a amazing personality and is dutch(!) And Cara delevigne is one of my favorite models too.
Why modeling: I love the way I feel when I’m standing in front of the camera, it makes me feel confident. I also genuinely like to meet new people and go to different country’s and cultures.
Art and lifestyle:
Movies or books: Since I already have to read alot of books for school, I like movies a little bit more. The classics movies like grease for example never get old!
Pop or alternative: I usually listen to pop but just like with movies I love classic songs like the ones from Michael Jackson.
Museum or cinema: A mix of both! When I travel abroad I like to go to museums because you can learn something about another country, but when I’m at home I like to go to the cinema on the weekends.
Sneakers or boots: This also depends for me…I think I will have to go for sneakers!
Favorite fashion style: I like to mix streetstyle/oversized clothes with something female-like. For example: a oversized sweater with some cool jeans and a pair of high over the knee boots/heals!
Favorite designer: Karl lagerfeld
Black or white: You can never go wrong with a all white or all black outfit… so both for me!