Let’s bask in Lemo for a minute: a South African beauty, skin looking like it dripped in the finest milk chocolate known to man and the girl is a postgrad student. Like, how much more divine does it get?! Well, she’s also a model. Yep, besides being stunning and brilliant, she gets to travel the world and showcase and share that beauty with the rest of us.

But of course, every up has its downs, and living the model life in Milan is not all it seems to be. When you go to another country with an “unofficial” contract for modelling and you are not Doutzen Kroes, Gigi Hadid or Joan Smalls, there will be some sacrifices you will have to make.

So, let’s get real. IN THE MIX is not here to sell you the top-model dream without showcasing the dirty truth, dispelling myths and some chuckles:

1). Models have a pea brain, the size of their stomach

Lemo dispels this myth in a hot-second, without even trying. The girl has just finished two of her exams, in Milan, to complete her postgrad studies — in the middle of a move, castings and basically no privacy. The living proof that beauty and brains can coexist.

2). Living with fellow models is, like, totes amaze

Let’s remember that this is not a “Friends” episode, and you are not sipping coffee with Rachel, Joey and Chandler at ‘Central Perks’ every morning. The harsh truth is that you are more likely to be sharing your apartment with 5 to 10 fellow models, will be lacking privacy and to top this ‘Caramel Sundae’ off with a Cherry: you will be paying for it yourself. Where Lemo has once moved to the other side of the world to pursue her studies, and was met with open arms and a comfy bed, Milan has not exactly been the Four Seasons. Add being an introvert to the equation, and ‘living the model life’ can become a bit daunting.

3). If you want to make “ fast money, become a model

This remark makes me chuckle every time. As Lemo can attest: that Naomi Campbell check will not magically appear without that WORK put into it. Mix it with a dose of luck, a network, recognizing opportunities and passion. Lemo has been going to several castings and luckily was able to book a presentation for a local clothing brand. But these gigs are not going to magically add six figures into your bank account. To be blunt: sometimes you’re just gonna have to say cheese for the camera for a low-fat, gluten free and organic doughnut as your compensation and be happy about it.

But despite the ups and the downs, this experience is teaching Lemo so much about herself and thus fuelling her personal growth. Now that the exams are done she is more than determined to snatch magazine covers, campaigns and runway shows.

We believe that Lemo is totally IN THE MIX and she totally gives us young Naomi Campbell vibes. Let’s just hope she doesn’t have the tendency to smack her P.A upside the head with a mobile phone. Other than that, we can’t wait to see her grace the cover of Vogue magazine.

Written by Shannon Crawford,