How to maintain your shape

Well, first of all, there is a huge misunderstanding about how the modelling industries works, and I wanted to make some things clear. A very much asked question is why models should have certain sizes in order to be considered for a job. The answer is that clothing in fashion shows and photo shoots are ‘prototypes’ of the actual garment. They are being made in sample sizes, so they require models that will fit those clothes.

And second of all, the majority of fashion models is very young and has limited knowledge regarding nutrition. We all know that working out is one of the methods to keep in shape. But how about food? Should a model stop eating? Or change to ‘Light’ products? How should a model get or maintain her or his measurements a healthy way?



Let’s talk basics for a second, shall we? Food contains MICROnutrients (such as minerals and vitamins) and MACROnutrients (carbs, fats and proteins). Micronutrients are basically for maintenance of your body’s processes, and therefore essential for growth and development. Macronutrients do the same, but they also provide energy. And what happens when you take more energy in than needed? Exactly, your body will store those excessive micronutrients as body fat!

So, the question is, how much calories (energy) do you need to take in? That all depends on your height, weight, your daily activity and other factors. There are various websites (tip: use Google to search for ‘AMR’ or ‘Active Metabolic Rate’) where you can calculate your energy usage, and thus your required intake. Even though there are still many different opinions among scientists, it is safe to say that cutting back on around 200 calories a day is a healthy way of losing weight.

Unfortunately, there are people who are impatient and cut back their intake by 1000 calories or more, which is a big mistake! By cutting back on this much food, you limit your intake of micronutrients, which can lead to many deficiencies. And no, you don’t want too little vitamin D, vitamin A and other substances, unless you want bad skin, thin hair, a depression etc. (you get the gist, hopefully).

Conclusion: Increase your knowledge, eat good, train more!

Ps. There is a free smartphone app, called ‘MyFitnessPal’. It’s like a food-intake-diary. Very useful to keep track of your food intake, your exercises and it is very easy to use!

Written by Clark Higgins.