The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word “model” is tall, skinny, socialite and the good life. You know, these women that parade on Instagram all day wearing skimpy designer bikinis, while hanging with handsome athletes and rappers on some yacht off the coast of an Island, with a name I can’t pronounce, while I am watching them and judging ( I mean the poor girl is probably starving and is super jealous of me hanging in bed, devouring this slice of pizza while my cat is keeping me company: like who is REALLY winning in life here?!)

But for every IT girl in the modelling industry, there are 1.000.000 young women that are working their non pizza eating, tiny yet firm and perfect butt off to get that “big break”. One of those gorgeous and hard working models is our Sarah. This Dutch-Moroccan bombshell gives a little BTS view in the life of a model. Currently she is residing in India to further her modelling career on that side of the ocean.

But before we feel too sorry for poor Sarah that she had to fly to all the way to the country with one of the best kitchens in the world *insert sarcastic cough*, she is quick to remind me that she is actually working her behind off. Her journey started in New Delhi where she was residing in a compound with other models (How America’s next top modelesque of her) that has a pool, garden, gym, super market and salon.

A typical day in New Delhi would consist of around 5 castings for one or two brands, and the rest would be for catalogue shoots. As a model that is quite used to doing ‘high-fashion’ shoots, posing for catalogues can be quite bland. There is only so many times a model can look into the camera with almost no expression and still capture the consumer – I mean didn’t Ben Stiller teach us that in Zoolander with the “Blue Steel” look?!

But our Sarah wouldn’t be, well Sarah, if she wasn’t IN THE MIX and have an advantage over the rest of the models simply by always having her personal style and make-up be “on Fleek”, like she described it herself. Her personality and personal style captured some important eyes and landed her a trip to Bangalore.

Compared to New Delhi, Bangalore is a welcome escape. Although residing in an even more luxurious complex, which is now co-inhabited by men and women (I can only imagine how hard it is to wake-up every day and catch a glimpse of one of your male model house mates, sipping some milk straight out of the carton whilst his chest is bare and he accidentally spills some milk over his chest. Note to self: No more watching Magic Mike).

But all the perks are well deserved, because Sarah is putting in the work and gaining exposure. Even though through most of the shoots, photographers and other ‘important’ people that make decisions were nodding ‘no’ with their heads, after a culture shock and a potential case of low self esteem, she learned that the nod actually means ‘yes’ in India and she landed some really cool jobs. In one particular case, a photographer spotted Sarah at another shoot, contacted her on Instagram, set-up a test shoot for a renowned brand, she slayed it and got the gig. Did I mention that 95% of the models presented to this brand get rejected? I foresee a future of yachts, designer bikini’s and handsome athletes in Sarah’s future!

For the next two months Sarah will be taking India by storm and I will keep you IN THE MIX on her adventures. Now I am going to put down that slice of pizza and work on my Instagram profile. Plus size models are a big thing right now, and I intend on being invited on that yacht!

Written by Shannon Crawford.