I will be quite honest, like I always am. There wasn’t much of me that got excited to sit on wooden benches, between the “look at me being overly fashionable” types with my not so top model size behind (read: I have a healthy sized Caribbean derriere – no shame in my game).

However, we had 19, yes you read it right: NINETEEN models walking during this season’s Fashion Week, so I had to catch some of the shows. Well, there was nothing more fun than sipping on some tea while watching some truly fashionable women and men, and some people who look like they walked out of a Unicorn-meets-My-Little-Pony-convention held at the annual local carnival (like, what is up with displaying the entire MAC counter on your face and wearing heels you are quite honestly not licensed to walk in?). But I won’t bore you with an essay on all of the shows, the ‘interesting’ words some designers use to describe their collections or the ‘celebrities’ (some may refer to that status as an ‘alternative fact’) that were sitting front row. There are countless blogs that can provide you with that information. And let’s be honest, in this day and age you can just stream the shows from the comfort of your own home. Me, I am simply writing to brag about our models.

So, let’s talk models. They were ah-ma-zing. From Kim who closed the Ana Blanka show to Mitch who killed it with his stunning looks during the GIVEN show, or Mo who graced the catwalk for Martan, looking like a handsome Urban Arabian prince — our models were giving life to AFW. It was truly amazing to see how we contributed to the diversity at this fashion event. Our models made it to the social media pages of the “Vogue” and “L’ófficiel” in a fraction of a second. Our agency proved that we are “IN THE MIX”. Don’t believe me, see for yourself! A collage of our stunning models that graced AFW with their presence:


Like a proud soccer mom bragging about her kids, I am delighted to tell you guys that our models have some pretty kick-ass projects coming up. To stay in tune and IN THE MIX on these upcoming projects, simply check in on our blog from time to time. A little birdie told me you may even be able to win some cool prizes!

P.S: to Amsterdam Fashion Week, please always feel free to offer me a nicely filled goodiebag or one of those shiny Mercedes cars you always have standing  outside. Really, I won’t say no. Pinky promise

Written by Shannon Crawford