Turbulent times can force you into decisions that seem hard in the beginning, but turn out to be the biggest blessing in the end. Almost four years ago, Sanaa had the guts to do what many of us can only dream of: quit everything and start her own business, from scratch. After some trials and tribulations, the now Internationally critically acclaimed Mix Models was founded.

Sanaa founded this agency to fill the void that she was seeing in the Dutch market: a mix of ethnicity and authenticity – hence the birth of Mix Models. With her wit, extensive experience in all aspects of the fashion world and a strong dose of persistence she managed to turn the agency into the ‘go to’ agency, globally, for models of different backgrounds.

“After almost four years of setting up a successful agency, I felt the urgency to create another platform for women and men of different backgrounds that are interested in the modelling industry, fashion and lifestyle. A fun place where everyone can have a front seat view of the life of our models, Fashion, lifestyle and everything that keeps most of us women busy. As a Moroccan-Dutch business woman, living in Amsterdam with an array of beautiful women and men in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, I want this platform to be where we all come together and get IN THE MIX.”

Written by Shannon Crawford.