Mix Models adds more color to the existing spectrum of models in the modeling world. The excellent mix between ethnicity and authenticity are synonymous with our company. Our models give a genuine reflection of the world with their international allure.
It is our mission to give our models as much personal attention and guidance as possible. We keep the number of models represented by Mix Models relatively small and focus on quality and authenticity. We offer our models all the support they need to grow as professionals. This guarantees that Mix Models represents those who belong to the top and excel at modelling.
By keeping our roster of models small but varied, we are able to meet the requests of our clients. Thanks to the intensive guidance offered to our models, we know exactly which models are suitable for our assignments, and are always able to match the right model with the right client.
Our models find our personal approach very pleasant, making them feel close to Mix Models. With the help of workshops and professional advice, our models are prepared to enter the national and international markets. Mix Models runs with love and passion to the world of fashion and modeling. Thanks to our years of experience in PR, styling and design, we are up-to-date and immersed in what is currently happening in the world of fashion.

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